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Friday, April 8, 2011

Christmas Island Trevally

Alan and Ann Doty joined Tony Soltys for a trip this January 2011 to Christmas Island, an atoll slightly north of the Pacific equator.

Within the week, Alan, who had never caught a bonefish, spotted and landed several bonefish without guide assistance.

Ann went off to learn the Kiritimati culture. She located and was able to shoot a picture of the rare endemic Christmas Island Warbler and came back with information about the atoll that the too-busy fisherman didn't know.

Tony landed his largest ever Trevally on a ten weight rod. The guide estimated this fish to be at least sixty-five pounds. The fish was hooked on a flat and chased on an outrigger canoe when it became evident that Tony was about to be spooled. This fish was by far the largest Tony has landed during his fourteen trips to Christmas Island.

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