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Monday, April 25, 2011

Echo Cove Troubles

I was out at Echo Cove Saturday with Chuck but no fish.

No fish was not the "big problem". There were seals working the cove and the big dollies will follow shortly.

The big problem is that the area is being chewed up by ATVers who are ignoring signs and riding all over the cove.

I have talked to JPD on three occasions and will continue to work with them. They haven't dispatched a patrol car yet even though CBJ signs and ordnance prohibits area use by motorized vehicles. The CBJ ramp is the access to the cove for ATVs and I hope they will take an interest and enforce their ordnance.

Please help. Anyone who remembers how this problem was solved in the past please leave a comment or contact me directly. Secondly, if you see ATVs out there please report it to the Juneau Police.

Tony Soltys

1 comment:

  1. The last line of the decal applied to the no motorized sign at Echo Cove: "Screw it Lets Ride".