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Monday, May 9, 2011

Echo Cove: Friday,May 6,2011

Fished with Chuck Caldwell from Echo Cove in pursuit of alleged huge Dolly Varden. In a nutshell this is a cold spring! Chuck picked up two starry flounders in the Cove but there was no sign of dollies feeding.

We rafted over to the mouth of Cowee Creek and I landed a dolly : a skinny weak fish not yet revitalized from the winter fast. Chuck was nice enough to note what a beautiful shiny fish it was but would not go along with my story that it was 26". We saw a few surface rises but the usually good-this-time-of-the-year fishing hasn't started up. The tons of terns, sea lions, seals all indicate that good Dolly fishing can't be far away. What a fabulous show.

Mike Wilcox, an accomplished photographer and fly fishing presenter, walked down from the bridge with Matt and said he saw no sign of fish in the creek.

On the way back to Echo Cove, we found some large schools of sand lances with terns feeding on them. Another sign of great fishing about to start. Memo to self: must be patient!

I am surprised how well Chuck's 11' rubber raft performed. A little tight for space but comfortable and launching it is a snap. Rows very well for Chuck who weighs a great deal but rather fortunately is into physical fitness. He actually rowed most of the way from the cove to the mouth of Cowee and back and claimed he could row all day. I believe him-he practically did. The raft, which is not at all sleek, went quite fast and made it possible to ride over the many sand bars in the area when it would be a good idea not to run the outboard.

Great day. Great fishing to come.

Tony Soltys

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