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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Echo Cove: May 20 - Dollies are in!

Chuck and I gave Echo Cove another shot Friday and found that the good sized dollies expected weeks ago have arrived. They were all over and were feeding on sand lances for sure and probably also salmon smolts which were abundant.

The attached fly worked just fine as did the fly I teach to tie in my winter Community Schools Fly Fis
hing 101 workshops (shameless advertising-I know). I have termed this un-pictured fly as the only one needed for 90% of our roadside waters. With the exception of Luke's Skagit minnow (a demo fly he tied at one of our meetings) which produced one day for me on steelhead this spring, I would say effective 99% of the time would be more accurate.

The dollies were abundant and hungry at Echo Cove and probably still are. Mostly it was a matter of avoiding the strong currents while aboard the SS Caldwell aka Chuck's rubber raft. We were happy to find fish in closer to the launch ramp-out of the strong currents.

The people pictured are about half of the total seen when we first arrived. They were participants in the "Becoming Outdoor Women" program and were on a hike. Must be a good program to attract so many people on a Friday! Brad and Michele would have more information if interested.

~Tony Soltys

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