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Saturday, August 27, 2011

CT. Fishing Summer 2011

Just a few pictures of the outstanding striped bass and blue fish fly fishing this year. Hope they represent how diverse the fishing here can be. Actually it was one of the best years in over the sixty I have fished the East Coast.

Started with the annual migration of stripers in June. Big fish and many. The migration has been called the greatest protein migration in the world (mammals included). Actually, this goes through pretty close to our summer home. An accident? I don't think so.

First, we caught stripers on the reefs feeding on squid and mackerel. When that petered out, it was time to hit the flats for sight fishing.

The friend pictured is dressed up to fend off the blazing sun and is all garbed up as many do in Christmas Island. The flats fishing is done at mid-day to better be able to spot bass. This is tough wonderful fishing. Lots of shots at fish but they are very spooky and infuriating selective. Real challenging! Think bonefishing without the food poisoning and language problems. Think fish in the 35" plus range.

The blues showed up in late July and have been increasing in number each week. Bluefish are malicious, sharp teethed, and have an attitude. They are a real thrill on a fly rod. They fight half again as hard as bass. This year I managed a few in the fifteen pound range which is larger than I have found in the last few years around here. Started using my ten weight and wire leaders in self-defense. Was breaking rods, leaders and of course losing flies right and left.

The striped bass have been joined by tons of blues blitzing butterfish, anchovies, and silver sides. The Albacore and Bonito are poised to make their annual appearance. Even so , Mary Ann and I are packing to come back to Juneau on August 23. There is something about the coho salmon in our creeks and our beautiful rain forest that makes this a trip an absolute must. I could not not make it.

Tony Soltys

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