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Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Island 2012

Fished Christmas Island for the twentieth time early January for bonefish which were plentiful, hungry and cooperative. This was a great trip with club member Alan Doty and my brother Jack. Giant Trevally which are widely reputed to be one of the hardest fighting fish in the Pacific were an added bonus to the numerous bonefish landed.

Giant trevally in the Pacific feed on bonefish and for that matter anything they find including small dolphins and turtles. The one pictured (estimated by the guide to be over 50 pounds- but released so not actually weighed) was cast to as he charged onto the flat. The fish was half out of water and was moving ferociously fast when he struck.

I cast to this fish with a total commitment rig. That would be a 6/0 circle hook fly built with Puglisi fibers attached to sixty pound test hard mono leader, a ten weight rod and fly line and thirty pound test backing. We refer to it as a total commitment rig because your backing or fly line will break before the leader. Once hooked up you are committed to the end of your battle. The heavy leader helps prevent break-offs from teeth, scutes (those 28 sharp bony plates just forward of the tail along the lateral line) and coral. It just ensures you are in the game. Most trevally win the battle.

A ten weight rod is way too light. Just the day before the two other fishers at our "lodge" lost three entire fly line rigs using twelve weight rods. My last year's trevally may have been larger but this year I landed one without chasing after it in an outrigger canoe and hand lining the final fifty feet. This was a personal mile stone so I hope you can over-look my long winded bragging.

Tony Soltys

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