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Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 18th Meeting


We will meet in the Thunder Mountain H. S. library at 7 PM on Wednesday, April 18 for a presentation on an early season roadside dolly varden fly fishing opportunity.

A short video will be followed by a fly tying demo wherein I will tie an epoxy fly that imitates the sand lances that the dollies, flounders (and yes unfortunately the mother-in-law fish) find savory.

Materials supplied for free to members-(memberships $10 and available from our Treasurer-Luke). I will bring an extra basic fly tying kit to lend if requested prior to the meeting)

This spot I will talk about is in the channel near Fish Creek/Bayshore and is an early season favorite with birders. That is usually who will be there. I rarely encounter other fly fishers in May/early June and so find this rugged, flora and fauna rich fishing area to myself. This area includes so much wonderful natural history that getting skunked here doesn't mean the experience wasn't worth the effort. The upstream area has been called a cathedral by an Ecuadorian Jesuit I guided there years ago as part of my short lived St. Paul's Fly Fishing ministry. I agree! And I believe we all can agree that a Jesuit should know about such things.

Hope to see you at this meeting

Tony Soltys

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