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Friday, April 27, 2012

Early Fish Report

Alan Doty and I gave Echo Cove a try yesterday. We knew we were early and so didn't expect lots of dolly varden. A few would have been nice. It was not to be. I had a brief follow and we saw feeding fish occasionally and cast to them but no hook-ups. Not even the flounders and double uglies were interested. Not sure what the dollies were feeding on. No explosions of smolts or sightings of sand lances. We used large and small flies and fished the outgoing and incoming tides.

Actually even the crabbing was for naught. Just two undersized ones from five pots.

My conclusion is that we were too early for fish and crabs but not too early to enjoy a great place that is unfortunately being destroyed by the ATV crowd illegally.

There has been and will be extensive blasting due to road work. I have no idea how to determine the schedule.

My wife, Mary Ann, and I looked over the Salt Chuck the day before. No signs of fish but we did see a single large black bear on the other side of the Salt Chuck. Be cautious if you go over there.

I am still looking for volunteers for the May 16 Twin Lakes Casting event. We need one person for an hour to assist cooking hamburgers with Chris Zimmer,Roger, Christine, and Chuck Morris. Let me know if you can help out please.

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