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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thursday Echo Cove FishRep

Chuck Caldwell and I fished Echo Cove yesterday. I  made three earlier trips with Alan D. and Jon T. this winter-like spring that proved to be totally fishless unless you count crabs. I do.

We were headed back to the ATV- ravaged launch ramp after fishing the ebb to no avail when Chuck noticed a few swirls near shore. We started wade fishing from shore. Chuck picked up seven quick ones between 17-21" on a totally inappropriate herring imitation tied on a 2/0 hook.

Chuck being a big guy tends to make these fish look small but they were large enough to hook up on his 2/0 hook and were in great fighting shape. Unfortunately Chuck lost the fly; even more unfortunately, he tied on a purple mop-type creation about the time the fishing went from hot to sporadic. "Coincidence-I think not."

The fish also liked the sand lance fly I demonstrated recently at a meeting tied on a size 6 hook. We couldn't tell what they were feeding on. Probably every thing but mops. The important thing is that they have finally arrived and should stick around for a while until they start up local creeks like Cowee Creek. They haven't started this to my knowledge at least as of Sunday.

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