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Saturday, November 17, 2012

I think I heard the fat lady singing

Went down to the Holding Pond today mostly to try out a rod I bought that Juneau Flyfishing Goods is selling on behalf of Bob Moultrie (who is in Washington). Also to see if the Simms Elmer Fudd hat would be as warm as it looked. The rod is great. The hat is very warm but definitely isn't a fashion statement . My wife refused to walk with me from the store until I took it off. However after freezing during last week's steelhead trip on the Methow, I am keeping it.

I found very little open water in the Dredge Lakes. I did  cast into a smallish opening in the Holding Pond to pick up six feisty cutthroat trout. Felt great. Had one fish about a foot long actually jump on to the ice. I saw a coho go by and I imagine that hooking one would be interesting on my three weight and the 5X leader I was too lazy to change out. This may be it for the Dredge Lakes this year though because colder weather is forecast and everything will soon be iced in.

I had a chance to look over Bob's fly rods and fly tying materials. There is plenty of good stuff left and the prices are real bargains. Well worth a look when Brad's Juneau Flyfishing Goods is open for business starting Thanksgiving. Brad is not keeping any of the money collected from sales which is both very nice of him and also why there are some real bargains.

Hope to see many of you at our meeting on Nov. 28.

Tony Soltys

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