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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas Island Update


Took a break from winter by going to Christmas Island, an atoll south of Hawaii on the equator for two weeks. Made this trip with club member Alan Doty and brother Jack and friend.

For the first time in twenty years, we experienced poor weather:clouds and even hard though brief rain at times. We adapted and caught numerous giant trevally and a less than usual number of bonefish each day. The later were so selective of flies and spooky that they were a difficult challenge on the flats. Most casts were too far to be seen by the fish or too close and the fish bolted.

Alan brought along a highly effective fly he created for trevally -dubbed the St. Alan's fly (patent pending) by my brother Jack. Reason for name is obscure and only known to Jack but this ugly fly was a killer. We all hooked up with monster trevally the first day and every day thereafter. Alan was the trevally-master even getting numerous strikes on a small surface popper with the hook removed. Exciting!!

Christmas Island is an incredible experience even beyond fly fishing. This year's trip was made even more interesting by Alan (an experienced birder) pointing out the frigate birds, boobies, terns, petrels, shearwaters and others that use this speck of land to nest. The guides took us to two snorkel sites that were a nice way to end the day before going in for hot showers, a well deserved beer and great food.

I can't recommend Christmas Island highly enough. I have been going since 1993 and am hooked as solidly as a giant trevally on a St. Alan's fly. I would be happy to provide additional information as requested and will do a club presentation on February 6.

Tony Soltys

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