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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Volunteers Needed!

The Habitat Improvement subcommittee, of Juneau's Trout Unlimited chapter is working to obtain a list of volunteers willing to work on local fisheries habitat projects.  For some projects we might have less than a week to contact potential volunteers, so we are building a contact list now.

The first large habitat project we expect to provide volunteers for is the Jordan Creek Green Infrastructure Project.  This project is being managed by DEC.  They could use up to 10 volunteers to help construct a barrier fence and rain-garden.  Next spring volunteers would plant willows and other native plants.

Recently DEC indicated that receiving the necessary permits for the Jordan Creek project is taking longer than they anticipated.  Two permits remain to be approved before any work can begin.  A hearing for the wetlands permit is scheduled for August 20.  The CBJ planning commission will not review a request to construct within the stream setback until at least September 22.

Assuming both permits are granted, the earliest that volunteer work could begin would be September 28.  Any delay receiving permits would postpone the start of this work at Jordan Creek to October, or even next spring.

Our subcommittee is also planning for work on other projects.  One on-going project supports the Beaver Patrol for their work on Dredge Creek, and other fisheries habitats in the Mendenhall Recreation Area.  A couple volunteers are needed to supplement the existing crew.  Volunteers work for an hour or two on either Thursday or Sunday mornings.  Most volunteers work both mornings.  Coho will be returning to Dredge Creek in a couple months, and the Beaver Patrol's work enhances their migration.  A video showing part of the crew working on the area in late July is now available at

Ask me if you are curious about what people are laughing about near the end of the video.

Though many of you have already received it, the subcommittee update from June is attached to provide an overview of expected projects.  Since that update there has also been an effort to meet with CBJ staff regarding a possible project to upgrade fish access in Switzer Creek.

At this time we only have a few potential habitat volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering on any local fisheries habitat projects, and have not already told us, please reply to this email so that we can build our volunteer contact list.  Say if you are only interested in a specific project, or if you can only volunteer for weekend projects.  Indicate if you prefer emails to be sent to another address.  We understand that timing of projects may affect your availability for specific projects.

Chuck Caldwell

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