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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

April 26th Meeting

Fly tying session at Thunder Mountain HS library starting at 7 PM.  Experience angler Verne Skagerberg will  tie one or two of his favorite saltwater Dolly patterns and talk about his experiences fishing the Prince of Wales Island road system for Spring Steelhead. Verne will just be returning from his POW spring steelhead meeting a few days before this meeting so info will be hot off the press. Bring fly tying equipment to tie along with Verne or just come to watch. Club will provide fly tying materials free.  Or just come to visit, talk and find out about various fly fishing issues, rumors, etc.

This will be our last meeting indoors this year. Our annual fly casting session at Twin Lakes will be on May 18.TU will provide food and AK Fly Fishing Goods will provide demo rods and instructions for beginners. We started this event in 1994 and it seems to get better each year. Event is open and free to all having an interest in fly fishing.


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